Career opportunities in Java 2021 – All you need to know

What is Java? Is Java still relevant in 2021?

Java,one of the most widely used programming languages,is used as the server-side language for most back-end development projects, including big data and Android development. Java is also widely used in desktop computing, mobile computing, gaming, and numerical computation. As can be seen, Java is the cornerstone of the digital revolution.
Java is now the market leader in the enterprise back-end market and the android mobile application development industry. After considering the combination of newer language choices such as lambda expressions and streams in JDK 8, the long term appears promising for Java.

Why is Java so popular even today?

One of the primary reasons for Java’s popularity is its platform independence, which means that Java programs can operate on a wide range of systems. A Java program may execute on any machine with a Java Runtime Environment, often known as a JRE.

What makes Java a powerful programming language in 2021?

Java is a more powerful programming language since it supports pure object-oriented programming. Apart from that, Java supports a wide range of features such as graphics, packages, networking, socket programming, swing packages, and so on.
Java can be used to develop robust apps that can operate on a single machine or be spread across a network of servers and clients. It can also be used to build a small application module or applet that can be embedded in a Web page.

Why is Java Robust?

Java is robust because it can handle runtime errors, offers automated garbage collection and exception handling, and uses the explicit pointer concept. Java has an effective memory management system. It aids in the elimination of errors by checking the code at both compile and runtime.

Java Career Opportunities in 2021

Today, we will look at several Java career opportunities. Furthermore, this Java Career Opportunities guide will supply everyone with information on many Java Career Options and earnings in Java Career. To sum up, Java career opportunities fall under three categories that cover a wide range of roles: Junior Java Developer, Senior Java Developer, Java Architect, Java Web Developer, and Java EE developer.

1. Junior Java Developer/Software engineer

Junior or entry-level Java developers begin working with both the back and front end by modifying code. Most entry-level work will consist of refining or changing existing code. However, some entry-level Java developers may be tasked with creating something from zero. A junior Java developer also works using database skills and communicates with clients to obtain client-specific requirements.

Annual payscale of a Junior Java programmer- 40k-90k

2. Senior Computer Programmer

As you obtain more experience and possibly avail certificates for higher credibility, you advance to a senior computer programmer position. You’ll have increased responsibilities here, coaching junior programmers while also being involved in the general design and implementation of the computer code. While you should still anticipate being involved in coding, you will also have an extra customer-facing job where you may be required to teach your computer code users (internal or external).

Annual payscale of a Senior Java programmer- 120k-185k

3. Java Architect

A Java architect is a specialist in software development who works to create software architecture for Java-based applications. Typically, Java architects work with corporations to develop software architecture for applications that will aid in the resolution of business challenges.

Annual payscale of a Java Architect- 150k-200k

4. Java Web Developer

A java web developer writes, tests, and debugs back-end code for websites and web apps. Java developers stay up to speed on coding language changes, implement security protocol updates regularly, and have a strong understanding of how to handle data requests.

Annual payscale of a Java Architect- 90k-145k

5. Java EE Developer

Java EE is an abbreviation for Java Enterprise Edition, which was previously known as J2EE and is now known as Jakarta EE. It is a collection of specs that encircles Java SE (Standard Edition). Java EE is a platform for developers that includes enterprise capabilities like distributed computing and web services.
Java EE is a well-structured programme having client, business, and enterprise levels. It is usually used to provide APIs for desktop applications such as antivirus software, games, and so on. It is mostly used for the development of online applications. Appropriate for inexperienced Java developers.

Annual payscale of a Java EE Developer- 94k-139k

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