3 IT skills you must have right now to be career ready

A comprehensive complete IT training course designed to enable students for being Job ready. Learn these 3 essential IT skills and land a high-flying career in the IT industry.

1.Web-Designing, What is Web Designing?

Web design is the process of designing, conceiving, and organising material for use on the internet. Today, website design extends beyond aesthetics to incorporate the complete operation of the website. Web design also encompasses the creation of web apps, mobile apps, and user interfaces.

Today, users value convenience, and nothing is more convenient than accessing a wealth of information by simply clicking a button facilitated by easy navigation and quick loading speeds, which is precisely what millions of people desire and expect when they go online. If your product isn’t discovered on the other side of that click, you’ve already lost access to those millions of individuals, and your business is virtually non-existent.

At Vytcdc, we tailore our web training courses to enable students to build aesthetically superior, visually attractive, and compelling websites in terms of user experience to drive exceptional outcomes.

1.Web-Designing course, we will cover the following aspects:


HTML is the global language for all websites. The coding used to structure a web page and its content is known as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). For example, material might be structured in a series of paragraphs, a list of bulleted points, or by including graphics and data tables.

b) CSS

CSS is a language for specifying the appearance of Web pages, such as colours, layout, and fonts. It enables the presentation to be adapted to multiple types of devices, such as huge displays, tiny screens, or printers. CSS is not dependent on HTML and may be used in conjunction with any XML-based markup language.

c) JavaScript

JavaScript is a text-based programming language that can be used on both the client and server sides to make web pages interactive. By changing a static page into an interactive one, including JavaScript improves the user experience of the web page. To summarise, JavaScript provides functionality to web pages.

d) Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and JS library that focuses on making it easier to create informative web pages (as opposed to web apps). The main reason for include it in a web project is to apply Bootstrap’s colour, size, font, and layout options to that project.

e) Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the market’s most popular picture editing and alteration programme. Its applications range from full-featured picture editing of big batches to making elaborate digital paintings and sketches that seem like they were done by hand.

2.Web-Development Course – PHP, Python, Java

Businesses of all sizes are working hard to improve the quality of their online presence, typically by outsourcing IT services in the form of Web Development Services. In this day and age of digital marketing, web development services are inevitably on the rise. It becomes crucial for your website to peform an excellent job of presenting the appropriate quantity of material to the relevant target audience. It is critical to converting your visitors, who may choose to spend fractions of a second on your websites.

Furthermore, businesses and orgnizations require web developers to establish a strong web presence as a business and make browing into a seamless experience for millions of internet surfers who may convert into potential customers can elevate businesses to a globally compatible entity, even if the service they provide is geographically limited to a specific region. This makes it crucial for the role of web developers who are well equipped to deliver result driven websites.

In our Web-development course, we will cover the following aspects:

a) Next-Gen Web Developer

We train students with the future in mind. The training is specialized to convert students into a next-gen web developer. Students will be made competent in creating websites and portals in PHP, Python, and Java as per students choice and master front end development. The course focuses on server-side development is another name for backend development. It is everything that users do not see and includes behind-the-scenes operations that take place when they do any activity on a website. It largely focuses on , data fetching, databases, backend logic, APIs, and servers.

b) Purpose-built designs

Laying out the business goals and the expectations that will bring visitors to those goals is a critical first step in creating conversion-optimized websites.

c) User-focused approach

The following crucial stage in the website development process is articulating the needs of site visitors. After all, the websites are built for the customers, and it is essential that their expectations are satisfied.

d) Practicals

Unlike many web development courses, we teach students on how to built high-fidelity mockups of websites based on the preferences of customers. The focus is to enable students to thrive on real-life business scenerios by meeting the needs of clients on a tight budget who nevertheless want a high-quality, functioning website without compromise. Our mission is to train students to built websites that are responsive (compatible with mobile browsers) and will have a dynamic user interface.

Students will be offered three programming languages from which to choose: PHP, Python, and Java. Students will be provided customized language lessons based on this information.

3.Database – MySQL

MySQL is a relational database management system that uses SQL (Structured Query Language). The programme is used for a range of tasks, including data warehousing, e-commerce, and logging. However, the most popular application for mySQL is as an online database.

a) Create queries in MySQL Database

During the IT training course, students will be training thoroughly on how to create their own queries in MySQL Database and also create Database driven application with MySQL.

b) Data Management Server

One of the reasons MySQL is the most popular open source database in the world is because it offers extensive support for all application development needs. MySQL also includes connectors and drivers (ODBC, JDBC, and so on) that enable various types of applications to use MySQL as a preferred data management server.

c) Database Integrity

MySQL is at the top of the market’s list of powerful transactional database engines. It is the go-to solution for comprehensive data integrity, with capabilities such as fully atomic, consistent, isolated, and persistent transaction support; multi-version transaction support; and unlimited row-level locking.

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